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Speed is Power

The audio program that started it all. Hans’ Speed is Power program shares examples, ideas and tools to adapt speed into your everyday business and your life.

Masters of Stone VI

Masters of Stone VI "BREAKTHROUGH"

Faster, Harder, Bolder, Newer, Creative and Damage Control… these are the six points of breakthrough in Masters of Stone VI.

Speed Record on El Captain, High-Ball Bouldering, First Ascents, Speed Free Solo Racing, World’s Highest Slackline, Wingsuit in Norway, Parkour on Rock, and much more!

Hans Florine, Speed Climbing, Second Edition

Speed Climbing, Second Edition

Hans has literally written the book on speed climbing. Co-written with Bill Wright, Speed Climbing, now in its second edition, is a complete introduction to the techniques of speed climbing, including training, soloing, simul-climbing, passing other parties, equipment and more. The book also includes a history of speed climbing and compiles speed-climbing records.

This is a box set of 13 audio CDs and two bonus DVDs. It’s like a motivational retreat in a box!

Hans Florine, Wall Rats

Wall Rats

Hans also produced, Wall Rats, an award-winning documentary that focused on two youth climbers, Tori Allen and Scott Cory who set their sights on becoming the youngest people to climb El Capitan in Yosemite Valley.

Nose in a Day

Nose in a Day

Interested in climbing the Nose in a day? You’ll need some good beta in order to get it done. Hans offers beta, anecdotes, images, diagramed topo maps and video clips based on his years of experience climbing the Nose and repeatedly breaking the record.