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Hans is obsessed with speed. He times virtually everything: driving distances, widget production, diaper changes, loan closings,newspaper reading. Hans has produced an audio program called "Speed Is Power", currently available in a box set along with 13 other succces authors, the likes of Denis Waitley and Vince Lombardi Jr.

Hans's business degree with emphasis on production operations and HRM gave him his initial insights into, and idea to apply effective speed to nearly everything.

Speed climbing is where Hans has made his biggest mark. Hans literally wrote the book on speed climbing.

He won the first 16 speed climbing events that he entered. He has been the US National Speed Climbing Champion nine times in the past 15 years, and he won the first World Speed Climbing Championship in 1991. Hans won gold at the first three ESPN X-Games.

On rock, Hans has repeatedly set and broken one of the most coveted speed records in the world: The Nose of El Capitan. He also holds numerous speed records in Yosemite National Park and all over the globe.

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