Praise for our book "Speed Climbing" by Bill Wright and Hans Florine.

"Inspiring and joyful!  Makes you want to travel light, go fast, and be a better player on the team." - Tom Frost

"There are literally  dozens of climbing books out there, usually just regurgitating the same old nonsense. Your book is different: new techniques are exposed  that were previously known in a small circle, the exposition is extremely lively, and reading the book feels like a speed climb in  itself. I feel inspired to go out and climb a long route in light and fast style."

"I don't usually recommend books to friends, but I will be recommending  this one to all my climbing buddies here. Excellent job, and thanks again."

"This book is not just for a few, highly skilled climbers who have elevated the sport to a high art.  This is for those of us who want to get down without bivvying, beat a thunderstorm, or get in a raft of pitches in the few pathetic hours we have available. It is a trove of practical information-detailed yet accessible, sprightly and humorous..." - Alison Osius

".. You've, (Hans), put your homework in, we use your book as the definitive reference on speed climbing."  Mr P  at The Climbing Place.

"...Finally picked up a copy of your book.  I enjoyed it and learned a lot.  It is a good contribution to the climbing community...." Winston Warme

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