“As someone who experienced the psych and the wisdom of Hans, I can say without a doubt that passing up an opportunity to have “Hollywood Hans’ come and speak would be a mistake. It was great to learn from a climbing legend, but it was even better to be able to simply connect with such a wise fellow climber; one who shared many of the same basic goals and inspirations as many of us. After such a great experience, we look forward to having Hans back to the East Coast with us again sometime soon!”

– Stefanie A. Hutchinson
President – UD Rock Climbing Club, University of Delaware

“I recommend your services with the highest regard! Your visit was inspiring to members of the team to train smarter and also focus on mobility and stability for climbing!”

– Dawes Strickler
Coach of Adventure Sports at USMC

“Your passion for climbing fast and pushing one’s self to his or her limits is a wonderfully motivating story to hear. The whole audience was engaged and listened closely as you took them on the fastest climb up the one of the toughest rock climbing routes in the world. We look forward to your next adventure and having you speak again when you are in Washington, DC.”

– David Giacomin
Chairman, The American Alpine Club, DC Section

“Your impact comes with your authenticity. You are so good on stage because you are who you are. You lived through it, you experienced it, you achieved it. And that is what counts.”

– Florian Eschstruth
AbbVie, Malaysia

“Hans was the perfect choice… motivating the group on the climbing walls, incorporating an element of competition, and surprising us with an exceptional presentation.”

– Mike Perry
President, Young Presidents’ Organization, San Gabriel

“Hans is one of the most remarkable climbers of our age. He has brought the science of teamwork, endurance, and efficiency on the rock to a new unparalleled level. His exploits force us all to believe that anything is possible with the right focus and vision.”

– Erik Weihenmayer
First blind climber to ascend the Seven Summits

“Hans is a captivating speaker to all, from the hardened climber to the casual lay-person. We hosted first time people to our venue to hear of his adventures, they were not disappointed.”

– Jason Mullins
Rocks and Ropes Gym

“Hans, You were AWESOME. I mean it. Your humor was unexpected and infectious. I smiled and laughed and was captivated by the photographs and video footage. I appreciate the time you took to tailor your presentation not just to our group, but to the very locale/setting of our function.”

– Cynthia Blankenship Bruffman
National Operations Director, Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education (AORE)

“Everyone walked out of the room excited, impressed and motivated to achieve.”

– Dan Kramer
President, Harvard Business School Club