“On the Nose” is an Amazon Best Seller

We did it! Because of you, On the Nose is an official Amazon best seller. On the Nose reached #1 in Mountains and Yosemite category and #4 in Mountain Climbing. Thank you!

On June 18th we hosted a big push asking supporters to buy a book or ten to help us reach that #1 spot. June 18th is significant because:
-It’s Hans’s birthday (53 years young this year)
-It’s Father’s Day (Hans and his Bay Area climbing buddies are all proud dads)
-It’s the 5th anniversary of Father’s Day 2012, when Hans and Alex Honnold set the speed record on the Nose in 2:23:46

Hans and co-author, Jayme Moye, donated $1 each for every book purchased during this promotional period to the Access Fund and Leave No Trace. They wanted to create a national movement that inspires people to go after their most audacious goals.

You guys rock!

Don’t have a copy yet? Get it here.

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