2 Fathers and 2 Sons Complete the Nose Route

We’re comfortable saying this is the fastest known time for such a group…for now; 40 hours and change.

Outdoor Research Interviewed Hans on his climb with Son, Pierce; Phil Powers and Phil’s son:
“Not long ago, Hans Florine was climbing the Nose route on El Capitan for his 100th time. Yes, you heard that right: hundredth. It wasn’t long after he set the speed record for the Nose with Alex Honnold. Since then, he released his new book On The Nose, cowritten with Jayme Moye. But he hasn’t been so busy promoting it that he’s lost track of his old friend the Noseā€”in fact, this spring, he took his 14-year-old son Pierce up the route for the first time, a special father-son trip. It’s not every kid that gets an experience like that, so we reached out to Hans to get the full story. Here’s what he had to say:…” read more

You can also read more on Hans climbing the Nose with his son on his blog.

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